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2015 Award Winner: Procurement Business Advocate of the Year

Procurement Business Advocate of the Year – Debra Quade, Kellogg

Debra Quade, Supplier Diversity Manager at the Kellogg Company is deeplycommitted to the goals of economic inclusion, and demonstrates this regularly acrossCanada with her advocacy and support of not only CAMSC, but also WBE Canadaand CGLCC. She makes time available as a resource for companies who are newto supplier diversity, and shares practices in a variety of forums.

She is applauded for being an advocate who is approachable, accessible, personableand resourceful. Debra is great in her role as connector – she sharesresources and helps connect the dots between potential companies who might beable to work together.In the Food and Beverage sector, she has taken a leadership role in the supplierdiversity realm. She brings certified suppliers into the loop and generously exposesthem to other potential players in the industry. As an advocate, she breaks downbarriers and provides suppliers with opportunities to learn, network and grow.

Internally, she has developed the Supplier Spotlight series, offering certifiedsuppliers the opportunity to showcase their value to a wide range of internalstakeholders. She also engages and advocates regularly in team and departmentmeetings by showcasing successful suppliers that inspire colleagues to leveragesupplier diversity. Her advocacy has contributed to the strong growth of supplierdiversity across Canada.

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