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2016 Award Winners: CATA Technology Award

CATA Technology Innovation Award



Triplewell Products Ltd. is an automotive interior manufacturer of high qualityleather & fabric trims, and component parts, such as head rests, arm rests, and seat covers; and producer of designer-fashion apparel and functional technicalouterwear. It is an end-to-end solution provider from start to finish: includingproduct design, prototyping, pattern & marker development, material lamination/bonding, automated cutting, technical sewing, plastics extrusion, foam injection (FIP) technology, sub-assembly, & welding. Through their in-house R & D centre, theirtechnological capabilities include: conceptualization, design, CNC machining,fabrication, machine assembly, & PLC programming. 

They have created an innovative foam-injection carousal machine capable ofinjecting different chemical systems via touch-screen selection, as well as durable, and self-locking precision aluminum molds, used in the foam injection process of automobile head rests and arm rests.  This foam injection machine enablesstandardized settings such as fill rate, fill time, foam chemical percentage settings, etc., to ensure product quality consistency.  It is a fully scalable machine in that all future models can be manufactured using the backbone.

Furthermore, the head rest molds that are devised and developed for each new model program can be designed to encompass many different shapes, sizes, and contours of head rest and arm rests; depending on the particular model requirements. This has resulted in Triplewell becoming one of their clients’ key OEMs of choice. Their mission is to innovate and develop hi-tech, custom-made automated tooling,equipment, & machinery, for both internal operations and external clients alike.

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