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2016 Award Winners: Collaboration Award

Collaboration Award




RBC’s value of “Diversity and Inclusion” is clearly evident in the leadership role it has taken in engaging – and also inspiring – corporations, government and other stakeholders to develop and implement inclusive procurement processes and programs. RBC’s goal is to achieve a truly inclusive supply chain that provides procurement opportunities toqualified suppliers, while enhancing the levels of quality, service and overall business value to the company. RBC launched their flagship Supplier Diversity Mentorshipprogram in 2012 supporting supplier diversity activities. They actively participate insupplier diversity events, including speaking engagements, panel discussions, webinars and match-maker sessions, working with other Canadian corporations to cultivaterelationships and advance the supplier diversity landscape. 

As a founding member of CAMSC, RBC works closely with many stakeholderorganizations, such as CAMSC, WBE Canada, CGLCC and American counterparts to promote supplier diversity and to support certified suppliers, as well as to try to bring opportunities for them, either direct or indirect. RBC articulates the benefits and value of utilizing certified suppliers and encourages their Tier 1 suppliers to do the same within their own companies and within their supply chain, as well as encouraging them topractice forward-thinking approaches using processes that meet the demands of a changing multi-cultural economic market.

RBC’s value of Collaboration is also demonstrated –as internal teams work together to share insights on building a holistic approach of sustainability, diversity and their associated impact. This collaboration and partnership approach has led not only to aligned relationships with diverse organizations and councils such as CAMSC, WBE Canada and CGLCC, but also to increased involvement from a number of RBC’s Tier 1 suppliers.

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