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2016 Award Winners: Small Business of the Year

Small Business of the Year




Stratus Plastics International is dedicated to providing high quality injectionmolded products.  The fact that customers secured in 2014 now ask Stratus to run their production, speaks to the organization’s dedication to customer service.Stratus is a company that continues to grow and in the past three years, has achieved ongoing financial and operational growth.  A significant investment was made in 2015 on capital equipment, including the purchases of a 180 ton, 2-200 ton and a 1,500 ton machine.

This year, Stratus purchased a 2750 injection moulding press, added four indoorsilos and expanded their current facility to 8,400 square feet.  Additional commitment for growth includes purchases of two robots, and five machines to help increase capacity for current customers. The addition of a 2750 HPM is an investmenttowards Stratus’ minority partnership with Flex-N-Gate, which helps with production and overflow. Since 2006, Stratus Plastics has morphed a unique relationship with Flex-N-Gate while maintaining a substantial footprint in the Canadian region. 

The success with Flex-N-Gate offered credibility and was instrumental in Stratusattaining work from Magna and AP Plasman. Over the past decade, Stratus has learned many important business lessons and today is a fully experienced andknowledgeable company that has worked with many Tier 1 and non-automotive companies to provide excellent services and products.

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