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2016 Winners: Tier 1 Champion of Supplier Diversity

Tier 1 Champion of Supplier Diversity





Sodexo is a global food service and facilities management company dedicated to diversity.  It provides services that improve the quality of life of their clients and customers through the delivery of over 100 different services, including foodservices, reception, maintenance and cleaning, and facilities and equipment management.  Sodexo has been progressively advancing their Supplier Diversityprogram by actively educating current vendors on Tier 1 and Tier 2 spends.Their procurement department has established goals and objectives to include diverse suppliers and work regularly with a myriad of organizations to identify diverse vendors to participate in their RFI/RFPs. Sodexo has developed their Supplier Diversity program to the point where they are regularly identifying, mentoring and coaching high potential diverse vendors and providing them opportunities to grow. 

Sodexo has been very active with CAMSC suppliers in the realm of mentoring them towards becoming Sodexo partners. There has been an equal focus oncorporates (Supply Management Value Team – Journey this Far) with introductions to certifying bodies and Supplier Diversity education/mentoring and exposure (eg. Canadian Prairie Garden Journey and Trillium). Their Supply Chain Inclusion Program leverages best practices from Sodexo operations around the world to develop sustainable relationships with suppliers (SMEs, Aboriginal, women-owned, and minority-owned).

Most recently, Sodexo has articulated its commitment to action by pledging to spend $1 billion (US) with 5,000 small and medium-sized enterprises. Those 5,000 businesses are expected to support a quarter million jobs in 40 countries. They project that 1,500 of those SMEs will be owned and operated by women. Based on their 2015 tracking, they have attained 50% of their goal in spend from 4,000 SMEs and just over 1,000 WBEs.

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