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2018 Technology Innovation Award

Founded in 1976, LA Metal Stamping Co. is a business that designs, patents and manufactures metal stamped parts. Last year, the company expanded sales into the auto sector. New clients such as ABC Group, Ultra Fit Manufacturing, Kirchoff and Raufass Neuman increased sales in this sector by more than 41%. The company has continued to grow with Fortune 500 companies such as GE (General Electric) and auto industry leaders like GM, Toyota and Chrysler (FCA).

Investments last year included R&D project reviews and a robotic machine that allows precision and quality with large volume productions. Such production initiatives created a savings of over two million dollars for a client and led to LA Metal Stamping being nominated as Supplier of the Year in 2017. With a commitment to customer support, LA Metal Stamping is a “go-to” supplier for production solutions, especially with tight deadlines. Its reputation for timely client support and expertise in the manufacturing process has resulted in numerous referrals and positive sales growth. To meet this increasing demand, the company added more stamping presses and increased the quality control department by 50%.