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2018 Tier 1 Champion of Supplier Diversity

Dana Incorporated provides engineered solutions for improving the efficiency and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery. Since 2010, Dana In-corporated has been actively supporting diverse suppliers. However, in the last four years, the development of diverse suppliers has expanded by 76% (57% increase in spend). As a result of increasing memberships on councils represent-ing diverse suppliers, Dana Incorporated has interfaced with more suppliers at tradeshows and roundtables. Additionally, the company has a representative on committees such as the Council of Supplier Diversity Professionals, the Automo-tive Industry Group and Driving Impact/Project One.

Dana hosted their own Match Maker events that have led to successful RFQ and business awards. Dana Incorporated’s Diversity Team takes a proactive and interactive approach to diverse supplier selection with the development of pros-pecting forms that allow suppliers to share crucial business information with the company’s team. The team can then determine a supplier’s viability and match the supplier to buyers.

Dana Incorporated also used their diversity analytics and reporting to track and monitor their own diversity progress up to the CEO and measure the effective-ness of diverse suppliers compared to the entire supply base. Dana’s diverse suppliers perform as good or better than the supply base average.