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2019 – Collaboration Award

The Black Business Initiative (BBI) is the premier business development organiza- tion uniquely supporting Black-owned businesses and communities in Nova Scotia. BBI articulates its purpose as changing lives by enabling economic independence. This is achieved through the empowerment of individuals and building up of communities, creating wealth and improving economic well-being. To this end, BBI has, over the last 23 years, worked tirelessly with and supported many Black entrepreneurs and youth in Nova Scotia to realize their business and pro- fessional potential through training, business counselling, mentorship, advocacy, financing, and a myriad of other support activities. BBI has also been involved in and facilitated numerous consequential community development initiatives across Nova Scotia in collaboration with private and public sector partners, including the provincial and federal governments. BBI has immense experience galvanizing and coordinating resources and key stakeholders in collaborative impact initiatives across communities, sectors and industries.