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2019 – Technology Innovation Award

Trinity Tech Inc. is a leading automotive quality service provider and a sought after tactical and strategic problem solver for the North American and global automotive market.
Since 2009, Trinity has experienced enormous growth and has had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies. Trinity has completed over 10,000+ projects with these organizations. Trinity is best known as the automotive in- dustry SWAT team on quality assurance issues related to software, electrical, electronics engineering, new technology testing, launch and GP12 support, project management and manufacturing support. Trinity provides services to more than 300+ automotive companies across North America, including inter- national heavy weights such as Ford, GM, Continental, Magna, Faurecia, ABC Group, Flextronics, and Johnson Controls from Canada, USA, Mexico, China and India. Trinity has won awards such as, ACCESS Walk of Fame, RBC SME Immigrant Success Advantage, Movimento Group Supplier of the Year, CAMSC Supplier of the Year and was an award finalist for EY Entrepreneur of The Year® 2019.