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Acosys New Project: Kahnawake tests out new dollar-tracking program

Acosys Consulting Services, CAMSC Certified Supplier is happy to share their latest success with a Native Economic Management System (NEMS) that they have developed for Tewatohnhi’saktha – Kahnawake’s Economic Development Council (KEDC).  NEMS is a web-based system (can be accessed for anywhere) that is used to manage community funds for education and training, small business services such as loans and grants, and a variety of other services. The program is based on a client centered model, meaning that any spend on programs or loans is tied to an individual who may be using education and training services one year, however, a few later he or she may be starting a business and using community business services such as start-up loans or grant money for marketing or business planning services. It also tracks the history of the client allowing counselors or case managers to see what services an individual requested and what services were given. This allows service providers to better manage funds and program delivery.

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