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As the global climate warms, QBD delivers cool savings to PepsiCo

Jeff Jaffer and his company, QBD are a shining example that success is sometimes best served cold. After producing the first piece of QBD equipment in Jeff’s garage in 1981, QBD has continued to develop their expertise while securing the loyalty and support of some of world’s most respected brands.

The opportunity to make the unit arose due to constant customer complaints and dissatisfaction with product offerings at the time. To make the first display case, Jeff and his brother Zully borrowed money from relatives and made do with equipment purchased from a local department store. In 1991 QBD acquired the assets of IMI Cornelius Canada which propelled them into the Beverage industry.

QBD Cooling Systems Inc. has been a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products for over 25 years, and have focussed on innovation since their first display case was produced. Recognizing the increasing imperative for energy efficiency, both for client cost savings as well as the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, QBD invested in research and development to significantly improve the energy efficiency of their coolers. As a result of these and other design innovations, QBD’s business with PepsiCo has grown substantially over the past few years.

“Open and ongoing communication is an important part of the business relationship and working together to find solutions serves to create greater opportunities for both parties.”

Jeff Jaffer, President of QBD Systems Inc.

“It’s important that small businesses have access to advisory services and venues to interact with other small and medium-sized business owners. As global competition increases and corporations seek avenues to improve their financial performance minority suppliers can be groomed to build capacity and compete for larger opportunities.”

“Organizations like CAMSC play an important role in supporting the efforts of small business and allowing for greater interaction with each other as well as with the larger corporations that understand the need of developing supply chain diversity.”

Jeff Jaffer, President of QBD Cooling Systems Inc.