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Asian Heritage Month – Circle 5 Holdings Inc.


1. Why is Asian Heritage Month significant to you?

This year means more than previous years. Why? Recently, as we have seen negative energy and sentiment directed at Asians here in North America, it’s prompted me to ask how I can help change this narrative in my community.

It’s a challenge to communicate precisely given that we are in a world where the media is seeking headline grabbing quotes and soundbites to sell newspapers. With that said, Asian Heritage Month makes me think and empathize with the people that have been the recipient of this negative energy AND the people who have been the projectors of such sentiment. It makes me explore what could be done to address this concern at the core.

2. Tell us about your journey as a diverse supplier in Canada and how Diversity & Inclusion has been an important part of your journey?

An organization like CAMSC is an excellent platform to have to promote diversity and inclusion. The journey has been insightful, and have provided guidance on how to navigate Corporate Canada and beyond.

CAMSC events have been an excellent environment to meet other entrepreneurs with similar backgrounds. These touch points have been excellent because experiences are shared and collectively, we all learn from them.  

3. Do you have any interesting incidents/experience/learnings as a diverse supplier in Canada?

Being predominantly in the automotive industry, I am happy and proud that many large automotive firms embrace Supplier Diversity. Their commitment to inclusion and opportunity can set an example for other industries.

Through the people I’ve met, they have been supportive and have provided key insights on how to be successful in this space. It’s also encouraging to see some of the largest Automotive Firms (OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2) are either owned or have Executive Leadership by visible minorities. To sum it up, I’m happy to see the automotive industry reflect modern society.

4. Lastly, as a proud Asian, could you share how you keep your heritage alive while being away from your country?

This is easy! I love food! especially Chinese cuisine. When I get a chance, I love exploring food from all parts of China (and beyond!).
I feel that the wide array of foods is an excellent way to tell the story of Chinese heritage.