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Assessing Supplier Diversity Programs with the McKinney Scoring Tool

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On December 2nd, 2021, CAMSC held a Corporate Member Forum – Assessing your Supplier Diversity Program. The event provided an opportunity for our new and existing corporate members to assess their Supplier Diversity programs within their own organizations, to better understand where gaps exist and how to close them. 

Dr. Fred McKinney developed the McKinney Score – an analytical tool that measures and identifies Supplier Diversity programs.  When it comes to measuring diversity within a corporation, investing in personnel and systems to report their outcomes is one thing, but to measure strategically when targeting areas that can generate extensive impact is another. The McKinney Score is the tool to do just that, and Dr. McKinney shared with our corporate members how it can be used to measure diversity within a corporation.  

Following the structured process of measuring diversity success through the McKinney score, participants in the session were able to review and interpret their own outcomes to implement specific changes that will improve their diversity programs and generate internal and external support for their efforts.   

“I liked how detailed the questions were and how each question within the survey could be used to improve our program. I am always looking to better my program and I’m happy there are areas I can take a closer look at to improve and increase the efforts for greater impact.” 

CAMSC and our Corporate Members thank Dr. McKinney for the successful workshop and the knowledge gained on assessing an organization’s Supplier Diversity program.