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CAMSC Certified Supplier MAXTECH Reaches Out To Manufacturers For Producing UV Sanitization Cabinet and Converting Sleep Apnea m/cs into Ventilators

Waterloo, Ontario: CAMSC certified supplier MAXTECH Innovations, is looking to partner with manufacturers to help them produce UV Sanitization Cabinet and  Convert Sleep Apnea m/cs into Ventilators. It is now more vital than ever before that Canada’s manufacturing sector step up to the plate, save lives and work towards the common good for humanity.

With a global reputation in the consumer/residential goods sector, MAXTECH CANADA has been at the forefront of innovative products since the early 1990s. Our team of engineers have been working around the clock to help Canada flatten the Covid Curve and support our front-line health care workers with the much-needed Personal Protective Equipment they desperately need. Today, we remain dedicated to the process of manufacturing and distribution. This week, we will manufacture 25,000 pieces of the Max Face Shield, but it’s not enough. We need our fellow Canadian Manufacturers to further our fight.

The UV Sanitization Cabinet: It is a dual stage disinfecting and sanitizing device using UV-C light and Ozone as disinfectants. Presently, nurses/ paramedics are disposing off their masks after every use. With a shortage of masks, there’s an immediate need of a device that can make those masks reusable. Imagine a small dishwasher size appliance, housed within 4-5 compartments, which is mobile and space saving, easily stackable.  After using a mask, it can then be placed in separate compartments with set a timer which is pre-set or manually adjustable according to the user requirement. The high intensity UV source acts as a stage 1 disinfectant, sanitizing all exposed surfaces. A spray of Ozone then aids in sanitization of internal surfaces which were not touched by UV.  If required, multiple devices can be stacked vertically and/or horizontally and connected to a single sanitization unit supplying ozone from a central source. The device can be set to be active during a pre-set duration. 

Converting Sleep Apnea m/cs into Ventilators: It’s a no brainer that ventilators are going to be in scarcity. Even with several manufacturing companies stepping up to manufacture them, there’s going to be a significant gap in the demand & supply of ventilators.  The US FDA on March 22 allowed US health-care institutions to use home ventilation equipment such as CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines for emergency purposes. However, there has been some concern about spreading the virus using this equipment.  But it is not the CPAP mode, nor the CPAP machines themselves that pose the danger, rather the “masks” that are commonly used as the “patient interface”. But the mask can be replaced by a helmet, which encloses the patient’s head completely, and is sealed at the neck.  Because sleep apnea is a common affliction, CPAP machines are widely available within Canada.  If enough helmets could be quickly produced, they could meet an urgent need for ventilators for COVID-19 treatment, and reduce the need for full-service, intensive-care-unit ventilators — and for invasive ventilation. This ventilator model can be easily installed in easy to set up quarantine rooms.

Kacee Vasudeva’s message: MAXTECH’s dedicated team has been working around the clock on several innovative ideas to plank the curve. However, the UV Sanitizing Cabinet & Ventilators from Sleep Apnea machines are the products where there is the greatest need. As a small manufacturing company, we’ve invested all our capital in the development and production of our other Covid related goods. We call upon everyone in the community- all the manufacturers, innovators & investors to come forward and help in this fight!


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