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CAMSC’s 14th annual Diversity Procurement Fair

Welcome to CAMSC’s 14th annual Diversity Procurement Fair. We are pleased to greet our long-standing, loyal members, as well as those who joined us this year for the first time!

Annually, the CAMSC Diversity Procurement Fair is dedicated to a particular theme. This year’s year theme is simple, straightforward and is guaranteed to resonate with each and every one who is here today. CAMSC’s Diversity Procurement Fair 2018 is devoted to Building Momentum.

Having successfully led the Michigan Council for 9 years, then onwards to running a business, and now as Interim President of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), our keynote this year, Mr. Louis Green is very familiar with building momentum.

The NMSDC is the founder of supplier diversity and as a result of their deliberate actions to drive economic inclusion of under-represented groups around the world, CAMSC was established as were similar national councils in the UK, South Africa, Australia and China. Together, we have been active in driving business success and momentum for many years.
They say action is the foundational key to all success. As you build on each small success, momentum starts to grow, confidence builds and the impossible becomes possible. Following this logic, 14 years ago, CAMSC began as an idea of helping Aboriginal and minority-owned businesses grow. This turned into a national non-profit organization – Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council – comprised of major multinational corporations and hundreds of Aboriginal and minority-owned suppliers.

Consider yourself, the many actions undertaken, the small successes achieved, all of which have aided you in building your business. For CAMSC, it is the focus of our efforts and the dedication to the goal of economic growth of the Canadian supply chain through the inclusion of Aboriginal and minority suppliers that have helped to drive momentum.

Persistence, resilience to any challenges, and the willingness to learn from others are all drivers in making the impossible, possible. This year’s Fair features numerous workshops from corporate experts sharing the latest trends in procurement and supplier diversity. During the Supplier Diversity Talks, you will hear stories of success from successful suppliers, focusing on their personal stories of persistence and overcoming challenges. In additional to hearing from your peer group, and learning from corporate experts, you will have a chance to learn valuable information from government rep-resentatives who will present current initiatives on “doing business with government.” All in all, steps towards building momentum.

I would also like to thank everyone who is attending this year’s Fair. I hope you build meaningful relationships and learn new inspiring ideas that will keep you moving as you build your momentum. To our wonderful sponsors who support the Diversity Procurement Fair, I would now like to extend my sincere gratitude. Your commitment makes it possible for this incredible event to grow which in turn helps our members get one step closer to their goals.

As renowned American statesman Colin Powell once said: “There are no secrets to success: don’t waste time looking for them. Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day. Success is learning from failure. Success is hard work.” Building momentum does take time, and you only get there if you stay the course and never give up.

Cassandra Dorrington
President and CEO