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Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) Promoting Diverse Suppliers and Boosting Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Supply Chains are transforming during this crisis; Suppliers are adapting to newer production lines shifting CAMSC’s primary focus to educating and connecting their network

Toronto, ON –  April 27, 2020 – When “Made in Canada” is seen as a key marker during this COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) is stepping up to become the link in the supply chain by providing platforms and unique networking opportunities.

According to a recent survey conducted by CAMSC, 61% suppliers requested CAMSC’s assistance in access to corporate, government resources, webinars and trainings. Considering the result, CAMSC has carefully tailored its marketing and networking program to deliver to the changing requirement of its members.

The network of Indigenous and minority suppliers has adopted a new model to grow their businesses, including shifting their production lines to supply the urgent need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a timely and creative fashion. CAMSC ensures that their reach is widened through focused efforts to connect them with potential partners, webinar series, targeted marketing, and resource centres.

The role of Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council has never been more important. We constantly engage with Federal Ministries and monitor Government websites, connect through informative monthly webinar sessions, and promote businesses directly to keep our members abreast with the relevant updates and changes,” says Cassandra Dorrington, President & CEO, CAMSC.

“It is very important to understand the importance of supply chain needs, generate resources and create the right platform for any business to flourish and that is exactly what CAMSC does for its members,” ensures the President.

Encouraging an adaptive supplier network

While COVID-19 has interrupted the economy, it has also created opportunities in other areas. A fleet of CAMSC certified suppliers and member corporation are pivoting from their current suite of products and services to produce essentials products such as masks, PPE, sanitizers, and ventilators to bolster the healthcare and social needs of Canadians. CAMSC continues to adapt and reach out to suppliers and partners to identify their existing and future business needs in order to aid business development and create a stronger network. The focus is to connect and educate members while bolstering collaboration among them.

Here are a few CAMSC certified suppliers who are leading the way:

  • Maxtech– Automotive and consumer industries products shifting operations to produce Non-Intrusive Ventilators using CPAP machine, UV-Ozone Sanitization Cabinet, Brass Key & Knob-In (portable hand-held devices for door handles & knobs to prevent virus and bacterial spread)
  • Triplewell: Manufacturing of fabricated textile products and tier 2 Automotive interiors turning to produce PPE Clothing
  • AceTronics: Custom cable assembly and temperature control systems supporting tier 1 automotive customers transitioning to provide Ventilator Parts, Disinfectant and Sanitizers
  • Pather Plastics: Display design and manufacturing company using their expertise and equipment to produce Face Shields and Plexiglass Counter Shields
  • HJ Machines & Patterns: Designing and manufacturing of automated inspection and assembly fixtures, smart gauges, mould and industrial tooling turning to produce low-cost emergency Ventilators

New resources and event calendar

Due to the rapidly changing environment, CAMSC has revamped the 2020 Events Calendar. In accordance with the current government social distancing and work-from-home mandates, the events schedule has been updated as below:

  • CAMSC Business Intelligence webinar series: To educate and provide opportunities for our network to enact their desired improvements for the industry, CAMSC is instituting the Business Intelligence webinar series which will highlight topics relevant to the impacts of COVID-19 on business and beyond.
  • Diversity Procurement Fair 2020 (Virtual Conference): CAMSC’s annual conference is rescheduled for July 21-23, 2020. The improved virtual format will ensure engagement that informs, connects, and enriches Canadian businesses. Learn more about the event here.
  • Government and Supplier News: CAMSC is regularly refreshing its site with latest government news and updated information relating to urgent healthcare and supply needs.


CAMSC is a non-profit organization established in 2004 to advance the economic strength of Aboriginal and visible minority communities through business development and employment. CAMSC’s mission is to facilitate business relationships with Canadian corporations and supplier organizations owned by Aboriginals and minorities. Since its inception, corporate members have spent more than $5 billion with CAMSC certified Aboriginal and minority-owned businesses and the network continues to grow. Visit

Media Contact:

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Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council

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