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Chatter That Matters

Chatter that Matters

Hosted by Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman is a television and radio personality, podcast host, and a successful host, speaker and moderator at conferences in North America and around the world.  When COVID hit, and all of his gigs were cancelled, he repurposed his podcast, Chatter that Matters, to help small business owners, and everyday people get to where they need and deserve to go.  All was made possible through the support of RBC.

Over the course of eight months, Tony put up 28 podcasts.  In the small business series, 12 out of the 18 small business owners we featured were women-led businesses, and we included owners from the LGBQT+ community, indigenous, and minority-led businesses.

They can be found either on his website ChatterthatMatters – or download Chatter that Matters wherever you get your podcasts.  





In addition to the podcasts, we also produced a video series where six experts weighted in with expert advice for small business owners.  They can be found on the website, or here:

Four Examples 

To listen:

To listen:

To listen:

To listen: