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EY Finance Navigator

EY Finance Navigator helps startups to assess the financial impact of COVID-19 on their companies. Therefore, we are offering three months of free access.

The pandemic also is creating an enormous impact on the economy. Small businesses, startups and scale-ups – having only limited funds available – might take the biggest hit of all. As a business owner, you are probably working on contingency plans and addressing questions such as these:

  • How will a drop in sales impact my cash flow?
  • What is my runway if the fundraising takes longer to close?
  • How can I control my burn rate in these times? 
  • What is the impact of government and banks grants on my financial position?
  • Since EY Finance Navigator’s financial planning software for startups can help finding answers to these questions, we have decided to offer both existing and new users three months of free access to all startups globally. EY Finance Navigator is EY online financial modeling software specifically designed for startups and is trusted by entrepreneurs in more than 50 countries. With the software, you can calculate the financial impact of different scenarios in these unprecedented times by modeling your cash flow, calculating your funding need and measuring the impact on profitability.

    Instructions and conditions for receiving three months of free access to EY Finance Navigator:

    • This offer to receive three months of free access to EY Finance Navigator is valid through 30 April 2020. 
    • When a free account expires after three months, the account will automatically be blocked. We will never automatically renew an account or charge a user.
    • All new users of EY Finance Navigator will need to register via this registration form and follow EY Finance Navigator’s complete onboarding process. In the field, “How did you hear about us,” please enter the following text: COVID19FN (for an example, see the screenshot below this article).
    • As part of the onboarding process, we request all new users to perform a €0,25 verification payment, as we are obligated by Dutch/EU anti-money laundering regulations to identify and verify all of our customers. This identification and verification for EY Finance Navigator is performed through the €0,25 verification payment. While the €0,25 verification payment is nonrefundable, no payment is required from a user to gain the three-months free access. Further information can be found on our FAQ page under the question, “Why are you asking for a 25 cents verification payment as part of the registration process for opening a new account for EY Finance Navigator?
    • A user’s access to EY Finance Navigator is conditional on the outcome of the onboarding process. All users are evaluated individually based on the EY Know Your Client and AML (anti-money laundering) onboarding process. This review process takes two to three working days. More detail can be found on our FAQ page under the question, “Why does it take 2-3 working days before my EY Finance Navigator account is ready to be used?
    • Once a new user’s account is approved, we will share a 100% discount code that the user can apply to activate three months of free access to EY Finance Navigator.
    • EY Finance Navigator is owned by EY Advisory Netherlands LLP. As EY Advisory Netherlands LLP is a professional financial services firm, we are not allowed to sell products and/or services to EY audit related clients due to (local) independence rules. This means we cannot provide EY Finance Navigator access to these clients.

    For questions, please reach out to: [email protected].

    Enter “COVID19FN” in the field, “How did you hear about us” in the registration form.