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EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year & Entrepreneurial Winning Women Nominations are Open!

Attention Suppliers!

If you are a successful entrepreneur or know a special person or team who has created a thriving, high-growth business and shown resilience in the face of adversity, this is your time to shine. EY’s Entrepreneur of The Year and EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women call for nominations are open.

The entrepreneurs and business leaders EY honours through these programs will join a distinguished group of peers that includes some of the world’s most innovative and transformative leaders.

While we find ourselves in an uncertain time, we are certain there are big thinkers among us who will carry Canada — and the world — forward to a better, brighter future.


About EOY: Nomination requirements are featured below:

EY is combining the five regional programs into a single national program to elevate the significance of being selected as a top regional entrepreneur.

  • Fill out the nomination form with following: (attached brochure with details)
    • Nominee Information
    • General Information (about the organization)
    • Financial data
    • Narrative (storytelling)
  • Story telling: The program will lead with entrepreneurial storytelling at the forefront. Take this opportunity to “tell the story” behind the nominee’s success.
  • Six (6) questions will allow you to highlight the entrepreneur and their company’s success.
  • Each question is limited to a maximum 2,000 characters or approximately 250 words,
  • Nomination closing date: April 16, 2021


EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women nomination requirements are featured below:

Winning Women Class of 2021 launch is coming in March. The class will be doubled in size this year to account for not naming a class in 2020 [up to 24 women]. The WW program is meant to be a mentor program to build up a business prior to getting to the EOY levels of revenue.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Woman female founder or owner
  • Company must be less than 10 years old
  • Must have reported at least $2M in sales during each of the past 2 years
  • Should be looking to grow and scale their business
  • If you have a candidate you think would be a good fit for this program, contact Brenna Daloise or Melissa Harder


For additional information for both programs, as well as links to nominate entrepreneurs:

EOY site links:

EWW site links:

As a female entrepreneur, If you have participated in EOY previously, you may apply for EWW as long as you were not declared a winner

  • The female participant can go from EOY to EWW as long as they don’t win EOY, and/or
  • The female participant can go from EWW to EOY with restrictions – Contact Brenna or Melissa.