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Flex Track Joins CAMSC as a Corporate Member

About Flex Track

With locations across North America, Flextrack is a leader in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) space. Flextrack makes a material impact on client strategy by providing a total talent ecosystem that combines industry-specific practitioner expertise with world-class technologies and technologists.

Flextrack’s commitment to DE&I starts at the top. Our leaders and executive team members champion and advocate for a culture that reflects the inclusivity and accept individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Through a diversity and inclusion strategy, the company and its involved stakeholders continuously empower individuals while leveraging diverse sets of skills. Flextrack is aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals which include trust, integrity, equality, neutrality, as well as innovation and partnership for success.

Partnership with CAMSC:

The Flextrack team believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace is mandatory and that it also fosters innovation and creativity. It is our hope that this membership will continue to contribute to the advancement of equal opportunity for all.

“We believe that inclusive and diverse practices lead to long-term corporate value in all respects,” Neha Sachdeva, the Program Director at Flextrack, said.

“We also want to help talented individuals, and groups, who have different backgrounds and experiences stay ahead of the curve through the use of new technologies and policies that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion.”