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Government of Canada launched a new online portal for entrepreneurs to get “matched” with the right services

As you may know the Government of Canada recently launched a new online portal that matches businesses with the right government programs and services.
Canadian entrepreneurs find it complicated trying to source and understand government services like funding, tax credits and advice. 
Not anymore.
We’ve created a digital platform that makes it simple—fun, even—for entrepreneurs to get “matched” with the right services. 
Businesses tell us their story and we tell them everything the government can do to help them in plain English. The results are tailored to their size, stage and goals.
And we didn’t just include Government of Canada programs.
In less than two minutes, our AI-enhanced algorithm can zero in on the best options from over 1,000 programs and services from across the federal, provincial and territorial governments in Canada. 
The portal includes programs for funding, loans, grants, tax credits, wage subsidies, collaboration and expert advice.
Essentially, we bring together everything that government has to offer Canadians, all in one place.
We are working to support businesses, and we know you are too. We want to help you help them. (You’re welcome!)
We would love for you to spread the word with your networks! Tell them about the tool, post a web button on your site, or high-five us on social media.
We’ve got everything you might need to get the word out – presentation slides, demo videos, suggested social media post messaging, a short paragraph with links to our promotional graphics.
Together, we can help businesses take advantage of the programs they need to grow and strengthen our economy.
Have any questions? Get in touch. We look forward to working together.
With Excitement,
Jennifer Lopes
Senior Outreach Strategist|Stratège principale de sensibilisation
Marketing and Service Strategy|Marketing et stratégies de service
Government of Canada|Gouvernement du Canada
[email protected]|Tel: 343-291-2053