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Green Processing Company Inc. & Flex-N-Gate: Merit Meets Diversity

Green Processing Company Inc. & Flex-N-Gate: Merit Meets Diversity

Many of us may or may not have seen the classic Disney movie ‘Angels’ in the Outfield, but – is there such a thing as  ‘Angels’ existing in the Supply Chain?

According to Green Processing Company Inc, a CAMSC certified minority-owned recycling company based out  of Windsor, angels do not only exist, they are alive and well, and are affectionately referred to as supplier diversity super-champions, at Flex-N-Gate. Serving as a Tier 1 to companies such as Chrysler, GM, Ford and Toyota (to name a few), Flex-N-Gate has become a well respected supplier to the automotive industry. When Courtney Veeder, Supplier Diversity Co-ordinator for Flex-N-Gate procurement, was first introduced to the Green Processing Team through a senior executive over two years ago, she sensed the kindred connection between the two companies based on what the innovative minority owned business had to offer – the natural fit was too good to be true.  Flex-N-Gate’s commitment to cost-savings and environmental leadership had made this opportunity an ‘organically’ perfect matching between GPC’s supply and Flex-N-Gate’s demand.  “Green Processing has done an exceptional job for us over the past two years,” says Courtney, ‘both with their competitive pricing and excellent customer service.”  She adds, “Our spend with GPC continues to increase and in only two years they have expanded to provide services to 15 of our manufacturing locations.”

GPC, the recipient of the CAMSC 2012 Supplier of the Year Award, is one of Ontario’s largest recycling company – with 60 employees company-wide, it operates 24 hours per day and recycles over 20 million lbs of scrap annually.


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