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Happy New Year

Happy New Year,

Let me begin by saying Goodbye to 2013 and what a year it was. CAMSC experienced a surge in the numbers of certified suppliers as well as substantial growth in our corporate members resulting in a sold out Awards Dinner in September. Overall, it was a great year.

While here in central Canada we ended 2013 feeling the impacts of the ice storm, this event certainly made us appreciate the goodness of families, friends and community.  As we begin 2014, while the weather continues to be a key player, the business is back up and running for what we anticipate will be an incredible year. 

2014 marks the 10th anniversary for CAMSC. We have geared all of our events this year to focus on celebrating the growth and ensuing success of supplier diversity across Canada over the past 10 years. This will culminate in our major celebration at the Awards Dinner in September.   Please check out our 2014 Events Calendar for all the details including the perennial favorites as well as a few new initiatives.

In the words of Alan Kay, the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join us at CAMSC as we invent a dynamic and prosperous future  for diverse businesses one step at a time.