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IESO RFP 343 on Merx – Graphic & Website Design Services

The Graphic and Website Design Support Services RFP is intended to acquire a Service Provider who will deliver specialized knowledge, skills, experience and build brand strategies.  Demonstrating expertise in brand principles, visual communications, digital design, collaboration, and project management, the Service Provider will provide design support for corporate websites, produce quality content, print collateral, and develop applications with complex data-driven graphic representations (charts, infographics, maps).

All documents, timelines and details can be found within the solicitation documents on the IESO’s e-tendering site. All prospective proponents must adhere to the process, terms and conditions set out within the procurement documents.

The IESO uses the Merx platform for e-tendering. All prospective proponents will be required to obtain the documentation through this platform. Access to Merx requires a subscription. Options can be reviewed here: MERX : Supplier Registration

Term is 2 years plus an additional 3 (1 year) optional extensions

December 5th 3:00 pm (search by RFP number to find the solicitation documents)