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LHH Job Opportunity

Kindly note the following LHH opportunity:

LHH (Lee Hecht Harrison) globally is the largest Career Transition organization. We are partnering with Rio Tinto in Yellowknife as they begin the multi-year wind-down of their Diavik mine.

Throughout the project plan, LHH will provide support to exiting employees through a combination of in-person workshops and individual coaching sessions which may include:

  • Resume development and online branding (LinkedIn)
  • Developing a personal job search marketing plan
  • Reviewing various career pathways and alternative goals
  • Working with placement agencies and recruiters
  • Preparing for interviews in the current market


LHH is seeking to train individuals in the Yellowknife area in job search coaching roles to assist our existing team with the delivery of the above services. At the completion of the project the learned skills and experience would provide opportunities for individuals to seek additional employment in the industry or enable individuals to open their own business and perform independent job search coaching.

Individuals are hired as associate contractors, and invoice LHH for approved scheduled hours worked, which will change each month based on project schedules.  These are professional roles and hourly rates are negotiable based on experience.  As this is not a full-time role, associate contractors have the flexibility to do outside consulting or part-time work when not working on the LHH project.

Common traits: 

Successful individuals in this field commonly have the following traits and backgrounds:

  • Comfortable talking and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, age and types of work
  • Individuals may have prior experience working in people related fields.  You may have led a team, or mentored individuals in work or volunteer capacities.
  • Can adjust their own style and behaviour to the individuals they are meeting and are flexible in their approach when working 1-1 with workers whose positions are being eliminated.
  • As mine production schedules can change and take priority, individuals need to be agile and flexible to change, understanding this will be a common occurrence.
  • You can work directly in Yellowknife and have flexibility to provide support at the mine site as needed, which would require onsite stays of approx. 2 weeks at a time.
  • At the mine site individuals will be required to go underground to various meeting rooms and must be comfortable with working underground.  Individuals with claustrophobia will not adjust well.

For more information, please email your resume to: 

Diane Cobbold

VP, Director of Delivery, LHH, Canada

[email protected]