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Life Sciences in a Digital Age @ the Bengaluru Tech Summit

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is collaborating with the Government of Karnataka for the 25th edition of The Bengaluru Tech Summit, an annual conference with a focus on biotechnology, digital health, telehealth, AI in healthcare and other emerging technologies. The objective of this event is to promote Canadian capabilities in the health technology domain while exploring synergies and convergence between Indian and Canadian entities.

Eligible companies will:

  • Participate in customized B2B with companies from across India
  • Attend a networking reception as a Canadian delegates
  • Attend a free pre-departure webinar on the life sciences sector in India
  • Get free all access conference passes to the Bengaluru Tech Summit
  • Travel to other cities for B2B meetings

There is no registration fee for Canadian companies who wish to join the business delegation. Please contact Debjani Pal and Cassandre Marcelin at [email protected]  in order to confirm your intent to join the delegation.

Register for B2B meetings and confirm interest in travelling to other life science hubs within India here.

Date: 15th – 18th November, 2022

Location: Bengaluru, India


Contact Information:

Debjani Pal

Trade Commissioner

[email protected]

+91 779556 67409

Cassandre Marcelin

Trade Commissioner

[email protected]

+91 97408 25518