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Measures under the Canada Labour Code

You are invited to participate in further discussions on legislative and regulatory changes aimed at improving compliance with the health and safety and labour standards provisions of the Canada Labour Code (the Code).

Amendments were made to Part II (Occupational Health and Safety) and Part III (Labour Standards) of the Code to update the Code’s compliance and enforcement tools to support safer, healthier, more productive and fair federally regulated workplaces. In addition, a new Part IV was added to provide for the implementation of an Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP) system through regulations and the public naming of violators.

The Code applies to federally regulated workplaces which include interprovincial and international transportation, chartered banks, telecommunications, the grain industry, most Crown corporations and certain activities undertaken by First Nations on reserve and Modern Treaty areas. For occupational health and safety, the provisions also apply to the Federal Public Service.

Attached are documents that summarize the Code and these legislative changes. Should you wish to participate in this engagement process, a paper proposing how these changes will be implemented is enclosed for your review and consideration. Please feel free to share this invitation and information within your organization and with other organizations or individuals you believe may be impacted.

Should you or members of your organization be interested in learning more about the amendments, I would be pleased to arrange a presentation to discuss the changes or a session to receive your feedback. Should you prefer, please address your questions, comments or concerns regarding the consultation paper to the following email address, by February 20, 2019:

[email protected]

The Labour Program is responsible for identifying stakeholders and Indigenous partners impacted by regulations, and meaningfully consulting and engaging with them throughout their development. It is anticipated that the proposed regulations will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette for public consultation in the spring of 2019. We will continue to engage you throughout this regulatory development process.

The Labour Program is making additional changes to the Code and would also like to engage you in discussion about these upcoming legislative and regulatory changes in the next number of months. We will contact you separately for your views on these initiatives.

We look forward to hearing the views of your organization so that we can ensure that regulations and policies are developed in a way that is inclusive to employers and employees across the federal jurisdiction.

Brenda Baxter
Director General
Workplace Directorate
Labour Program
Employment and Social Development Canada

C&E Sum doc
Code Sum
WD-POL Consulation Paper