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Neegan Burnside capitalizes on Procurement Fair introduction to deliver engineering services to Pfizer

Based on an introduction at the 2007 CAMSC Procurement Fair, Neegan Burnside has secured work with Pfizer, and has gone on to secure other contracts with another CAMSC corporate member.

Neegan Burnside Limited is an engineering, GIS, and environmental services firm with 9 offices throughout Ontario, offices in Winnipeg and affiliated firms in Nunavut and India. Founded in 1997, it is currently expanding to meet the needs of new and existing clients. The firm provides a full range of professional engineering services from initial environmental investigations, through to site development, building design, process related design, project management and final project completion.

Successes in the private sector include a recent project for Pfizer Canada Inc. for which Neegan Burnside was commended for rapid response time and attention to detail. Based on an introduction to senior managers in the Pfizer corporate sourcing group at the CAMSC Procurement Fair, Neegan Burnside subsequently secured a building condition assessment contract.

Neegan Burnside Ltd. is also the proud recipient of the CAMSC Small Business of the Year Award for 2007. This award is given to an Aboriginal or Minority owned business with 20 or fewer employees showing an impact in sales growth, exporting or industry innovation.