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New Hires

Good day,

Summer has finally arrived after a very long winter. To date, it has been a busy year for CAMSC and from all appearances, the speed at which things are moving will continue to escalate. Given that so much has happened over the year, we at CAMSC, wanted to let you know that we also are changing. In December of last year, Danielle Tomarelli, Manager of Events and Marketing with CAMSC tendered her resignation in pursuit of other opportunities. At the end of April, 2014, Tatiane Evaristo, Corporate Business Analyst, left CAMSC to return to her home country of Brazil. While CAMSC has been operating with limited staff number for a short window of time, I am delighted to report that we have recently welcomed two new staff members into the CAMSC fold. Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to the latest CAMSC staff:

  • Shazia Alli, Project Coordinator & Analyst. Shazia will  be ensuring our various tools and services are running smoothly, and will support much of the supplier analyses and Diversity Marketplace requests.
  • Daphne Shih, Director, Sponsorship and Marketing. Daphne be leading our efforts to build the CAMSC brand, as well as connecting with all of our stakeholders to enhance opportunities for you to build your brands at CAMSC events and other strategic initiatives.

Please feel free to reach out and welcome our newest CAMSC staff.

If you have not updated your calendar, the 10th Anniversary Awards Gala will be held on September 24th at the Liberty Grand.
Click here for registration and more information.

We hope to see you there.