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Caroline Cole Power 

We at CAMSC love connecting with our network and share updates on inspiring stories and motivational messages. ‘On the Couch with CAMSC’ will be one such effort to highlight our certified supplier/corporates.

We are excited to have Caroline Cole Power, CEO, Canadian HR Solutions, Inc. (parent of Sensitivity Training Canada, Canadian HR Academy, Worldwide Workplace Learning) with us to share her journey towards becoming Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100 Winner.

2020 was a challenging year. How did your organisation turn that around to your advantage and achieve success during the pandemic?

2020 was indeed challenging year and right when the COVID hit, towards the beginning of last year, we wanted to pivot in a way where our organisation could serve our customers in a wholesome manner.

Pre-COVID-19, we already had both virtual and in-person delivery channel and to all our trainings. But, when the in-person channel went away, we had to pivot and move to a complete virtual set up.

And so, as we moved down that path, we realised that our market was no longer national, it was global. We realised that if we advertised any of our offerings, because it was virtual, anyone from anywhere could benefit from it. That is one big change we brought in during this pandemic.

We happened to notice and interpret the fact that, the pandemic was a negative thing and yes, but it had always been challenging and it still is. However, the upside of it was, I always embraced the opportunity and removed the limitations even when the business was operating at a national level.

Tell us about what your company does and who it serves?

The core purpose of my business is to contribute to the improvement of life in workplaces. We do this by helping organisational leaders, create work environments to which their people can bring and deliver their ‘A’ game, consistently. We also do this, by developing employees, at all levels, through corporate training programs.

As a corporate training company what I sell through all my contacts and all my facilitators, is the formal education plus the experience combined. We sell practitioner-based tools to companies which they can use today, not theoretical tools, which they must run an experiment on to test its results.

So, for me, the journey has been a long one – from formal education, working for multiple employers and launching my practise.

Could you tell us about the journey towards receiving the Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100 Award?”

It all started in 2019! I was nominated for another award by my banker, a leading financial institution in Canada, and it was a national award for entrepreneurship. I felt very appreciated for the work my organisation did.

However, in the face of competing prioritise, I was unable to prioritise the pursuit of that award combined with a travel schedule, which kept me away most of the time. Although, I considered being nominated itself a big win and felt honoured by the gesture of my banker.

And this year, in 2020 I was nominated for this award (Top 100 Most Powerful Woman in Canada) and as they say, “If you set something free that was meant for you and if it comes back, then it’s yours.” And hence, this time I decided to participate.

From the perspective of my own lived experiences, the path that led to this award has been a journey and not the effort of a few months only. It has been a life journey beginning in kindergarten, all the way to present day.

Doing the work, putting in the hours, governing oneself appropriately both professionally and personally and getting the education. Most importantly, having the courage to take calculated risks and cease professional opportunities as they had presented themselves.

My success is a result of a strong early academic foundation which have enabled me to scale to the heights. I have combined this with hard and smart work as well as good choices. I am currently recognized but this recognition is not a commentary on my current state only, but rather my entire journey.  

As it is often said, “An overnight success is usually many years in the making.”

Do you have a message for the CAMSC network?

To other CAMSC members, my message would be, to cease every opportunity that is presented by making a deliberate effort to take the long view on whatever you are trying to achieve. By taking the long view, we are often forced to see the task limitation and see how we can do something that we desire and therefore make it happen.

It is important for us to clearly see that; it is essential to skate where puck is going. This means that as market condition change, we need to acknowledge that yes, some opportunities may go away, but if we search hard enough, surely, other opportunities may present themselves. Even if, we are the one to orchestrate them, directly or indirectly.

Many people are Talented, and that is great, but Talent is only the beginning.  The rest of comes with an ability and willingness to apply grit and perseverance as we work towards achieving our goals.

With this, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2021!