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On The Importance of Black History Month

Canadian Government image for Black History Month

Let’s ponder on the importance of Black History Month.


It’s so much more than just being Black. As Black business owners, we can invite inclusion on a unique level to our community.

Celebrating Black History Month is to understand successful Black businesses do more than generate wealth all to themselves.

As business owners, we can take on the responsibility to affect our communities and other communities that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us. In a global economy, how can one community truly thrive if their neighbours to the right or left cannot obtain gainful employment, provide food and housing to their family or even afford post-secondary education for their children? You say how does that affect me; you are only as good as your weakest link. Our history serves as a sounding board in which the triumphs should be magnified and the struggles never forgotten but certainly not repeated.

In the case of Ultimate Manufactured Systems, supply chain representation is crucial. There should always be those in my industry who can identify with my background and the unique challenges affecting my business. It is all too easy to be dismissed and overlooked for well-deserved opportunities. What hurts my business hurts 40 hardworking, diverse individuals and their families.


Minority, Indigenous and other diverse-owned companies are held to the same stringent standards as nonminority companies but too often are refused a seat at the table.

If you don’t know us, now you will. Ultimate Manufactured System’s diversity will be on display for February. I invite all of you in every industry to join me and celebrate Black History’s contribution to our communities.


Charell Smith Senic
President, Ultimate Manufactured Systems
A proud CAMSC-certified supplier since 2021.

To start your journey as a certified, diverse-owned business, click here.