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President Updates – New Year 2020

Happy New Year to what will be an incredible 2020. In 2019 CAMSC accomplished several things of which we are proud, and we want to say Thank You for being part of our journey in Canada!

While it was a busy year, there are a few key things to highlight:

In 2019, CAMSC celebrated its 15th year as the national council leading supplier diversity efforts for Indigenous and minority suppliers with the annual Diversity Procurement Fair and Awards Gala providing an opportunity to highlight this success.

With the support and leadership from members of our Financial Services Working Group, we presented the first webinar in a series of financial services focused webinars “Supplier Risk Management in Financial Services”.

CAMSC participated in the annual ProcureCon conference alongside our partner organizations to collectively advance and enhance the importance of supplier diversity in Canada.

In addition to our various engagement efforts with our partners, the City of Toronto was instrumental in working with us to advance supplier diversity at a municipal level. We look forward to a year of continued engagement as the City continues its leadership and commitment to social procurement.

And finally, 2019 ushered in its first ever CAMSC Business Delegation with the Government of Canada. As part of this initiative, CAMSC led a delegation of 30 suppliers to attend the annual NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange in Atlanta.

Overall, 2019 was a year of great successes and we look forward to an even better 2020!

In 2020, CAMSC will focus on Development, Growth and Collaboration.

For Development We have a series of exciting webinars with a focus on our suppliers designed to educate our suppliers in topical areas as well as connect you, our suppliers to current and new corporate members. Please check out our 2020 event calendar. 

For Growth, CAMSC will roll-out its Knowledge Hub which is focused on providing key resources to our corporate members to assist them in growing and building their programs. Stay tuned for the roll-out details.

For Collaboration, CAMSC is focused on working with our national and global partners in driving programming and opportunity connection events across Canada and globally. Look for CAMSC working with SDAC, SIMSA, BBI and others as we further SD knowledge and drive connections and opportunities between supplier to supplier, supplier to corporate member, supplier to government.

At CAMSC, we are also excited to introduce to you our new additions to the CAMSC team:

  • Welcome to Roy Singh. Roy was introduced to CAMSC in 2019 as a volunteer at our Procurement Fair. This successful engagement led to his ongoing work with CAMSC throughout the year resulting in Roy taking on the permanent role of all things certification at CAMSC. Roy can be reached at 416-941-0004 Ext. 225 ([email protected]).
  • Welcome to Belinda Choi. Belinda brings a strong IT, project management and organization strength to CAMSC. She will work closely with the CAMSC team to ensure our CRM and other analytical tools, are aligned and upgraded to ensure we deliver value to our stakeholders. Belinda can be reached at 416-941-0004 Ext. 229 ([email protected]).

We anticipate that it will be a great year and look forward to working with you to drive more opportunities and unparalleled success.

Cassandra Dorrington
President & CEO