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Retooling, a key model for Willowest during pandemic

Rain Emily Zhang – Director, Willowest

With the challenges of Covid-19 at the brim, majority of the hotels have suspended their business. Willowest too experienced a lot of cancelation of orders and postponement notices for orders placed before the pandemic.

As the demands for PPE and hand sanitizer increased dramatically, we at Willowest felt the responsibility to offer the community and our network what they need to get through these challenging times. With the support of ‘Canada Emergency Use Pathways for Medical Devices’ we were able to shift production lines to manufacture much-needed personal protective equipment and medical devices. This effort further led us to shift our priority and focus to retooling our facility to produce the essential medical and protective equipment.

In April 2020, Willowest got Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) and Natural Product Number (NPN), we were able to supply masks and hand sanitizer. This enabled us to donated local hospital and senior houses with PPE supplies in time. During this process of importing and producing PPE and medical supplies to meet the growing demand, Willowest was able to donate to the hospital and senior houses with our products to support them in crisis.

Further, to support our hotel clients re-open, we produce Guest Wellness Kit to ensure the guests get protection during their stay in the hotels. In challenging times like these, the important lesson for everyone is that we need to work together and extend support to our community. As we continue to fight the unknown battle, Willowest will work with network and identify new opportunities to help build a better tomorrow.

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– by Rain Emily Zhang