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Selection Process for President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

The Government of Canada has launched an appointment process to find qualified candidates for the position of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC).  We are reaching out to you to encourage applications from within your community of professional networks.

CCC is a Crown corporation operating in international trade financing. CCC operates at arm’s length from the Government and reports to the Minister of International Trade Diversification. CCC provides a portfolio of contracting services to support Canadian enterprises in international trade and development. CCC’s role is undertaken in line with Canada’s growth and diversification trade agenda. To learn more about CCC, we invite you to CCC’s website.

The President and CEO provides day-to-day direction and management of CCC’s business operations including: leading the Corporation’s management team; implementing the strategic direction provided by the Board of Directors; and serving as interlocutor with senior government officials.

The Government is committed to an open and transparent Governor in Council (GIC) selection process for this position. To learn more about the GIC appointment process or other appointment opportunities, please visit the GIC Appointments website.

We would appreciate if you could share this opportunity within your communities of interest. Those individuals interested in submitting an application for this position should be directed to the GIC application website. 

Many thanks for your assistance.