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She Loves Tech

She Loves Tech is a global start-up competition, founded by Lean In China and Tech Rock, which will showcase women’s entrepreneurship from around the world. Multiple regional rounds of competition will be held in advance of the final round of competition in Beijing, China. She Loves Tech’s goal is to provide a platform for international and Chinese tech companies, investors, entrepreneurs, startups and consumers together, to promote technology for women and women in technology. 

Organized in cooperation with Reify and the Asia-Pacific Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation, She Loves Tech Canada 2017 is the Canada round of the competition and will be held on August 2, 2017 in Montreal, Canada, where we will select the top team to compete in Beijing.

The top team from She Loves Tech Canada 2017 will receive:
a Spot to pitch on international stage at finals in Beijing, China (September 16, 2017)
    o This event will be attended by 500 of China’s leading entrepreneurs, executives and investors

a Week-long boot camp (September 11-15, 2017) in Beijing, China consisting of talks and panels relating to globalization, the Chinese market and the latest technology trends, visits to leading tech companies, networking opportunities, and personalized pitch preparation workshops (accommodation covered)

o Education partners include some of the leading players in China’s startup scene: 36Kr, Chinaccelerator, IBM, Innovation Works, Tencent, Tsinghua-xlab, and Zhen Fund

o There will be two days of company visits in Zhongguancun, with tours to leading companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Didi, Huawei, and Tencent

a Pass to the She Loves Tech 2017 Conference in Beijing, China (September 16, 2017)

o Jane Sun, CEO of CTrip is confirmed as keynote speaker and the conference will include panels discussing key industry trends, curated breakout sessions and the finals of the She Loves Tech 2017 Global Startup Competition.

a Access to Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference’s (OTEC) resources (including but not limited to visa, business establishment and investment matching support in Beijing, China)

a Opportunity to apply for the Phoenix Plan grant of 100,000 RMB in Beijing’s Chaoyang District (for companies interested in setting up in Beijing, China) 

a Listed in 36Kr Investor Assistant, one of China’s leading sstartup databases, which has access to 8000 investors ! Extensive media exposure including features in 36Kr, All China Tech, E27, Elle and other leading media outlets etc.

a Mentorship, Networking and Investment Opportunities 

a *More prizes to be announced soon

The She Loves Tech 2017 Global Startup Competition will have rounds in Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Singapore. For information on our other rounds, please refer to or Facebook /Twitter: SheLovesTechOrg How to enter the competition?


  1. STAGE: Seeking Angel, Seed or A round funding (under US$3m funding raised) 
  1. FOCUS:
    (a) At least one female entrepreneur in founding team who is using technology to solve a problem


        (b) Any entrepreneur, male or female, who is using technology to impact women positively:

  • Are a significant proportion of end-users or consumers female?
  • Are products specifically designed with women users in mind?
  • Does the product itself address a problem that disproportionately affects women?
  1. TECHNOLOGY refers to: The use of science and innovation to invent useful things or to solve problems. This extends beyond digital, information or internet-based technology and covers everything from hardware to the creation of new product and solutions to existing problems.

We are open to accepting startups from all industries, with a particular focus on startups in these verticals:

  • Fin Tech (finance)
  • Consumer Tech (e-commerce, big data)
  • Med Tech (medicine)
  • Edu Tech (education)
  • Agri Tech (agriculture)
  • Clean Energy
  • Internet of Things
  • B to B Solutions


For She Loves Tech Canada 2017, please register at by July 7, 2017  

Please contact [email protected] for any questions or inquiries.



Reify serves as an advisor and partner to Canadian and Chinese companies entering international markets by identifying investment opportunities, opening new markets, and managing multiple stakeholder relationships. 

Asia-Pacific Youth Entrepreneurship Organization was launched in May 2016, APYEF is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to building a cross-Pacific platform that connects global opportunities with Canadianideas, and a startup ecosystem stretching from the Asia-Pacific to Canada. Our team is composed of 35 talented students and professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Lean In China is a professional development and peer support platform for women, which has 100,000 members across more than 25 cities and 50 universities in China. It promotes a culture of mutual support, mentorship and leadership for women through building active communities, education, the use of data and research, and building strategic partnerships.

TechRock is a boutique event and PR agency, which curates high-level, high-profile international events on tech innovation and creates tech partnerships across borders. Our exclusive events and media access empowers tech startups’ greatest success in China and abroad.

Strategic Partners:

36Kr Investor Assistant
Plug and Play
Teja Ventures
Tencent Westart

Technology Partner: