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Showcasing Certified Supplier Successes – Stratus Plastics and Flex-N-Gate

Showcasing CAMSC Certified Supplier Successes
Stratus Plastics and Flex-N-Gate

Stratus Plastics provides high quality injection molded products.  Its operations started in November 2005 out of a 5,000 square feet facility.   In just one year, the company outgrew its shop and purchased a 24,000 square feet space outfitted with a new Negri Bossi 2,000 ton machine.  When the automotive industry began its decline, Stratus Plastics became a service bureau that took on service tools.  In that downturn, Stratus Plastics struggled to stay in operation and was able to do so with Flex-N-Gate and their service tools. 

From 2006-2010 Stratus stayed in operation with Flex-N-Gate service tools.  Stratus worked with over 50 of their tools from 6 shops in their plastic divisions.  Stratus finally received its big break in 2010 when Flex-N-Gate supplied Stratus with 4 production tools.  Its success with Flex-N-Gate landed production work from Magna and AP Plasman.  Stratus now runs multiple production tools for Flex-N-Gate. 

“Since 2006 Stratus Plastics has morphed a unique relationship with Flex-N-Gate while maintaining a substantial footprint in the Canadian region. Stratus Plastics has continued to provide commitment and quality work for Flex-N-Gate and with the aid of CAMSC who has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to supplier growth. Flex-N-Gate is honored to play a small role in Stratus Plastics success.” says Shannon Barlow, Supplier Diversity Coordinator at Flex-N-Gate.

Over the past decade, Stratus has learned many important business lessons and today is a fully experienced and knowledgeable company that has worked with many Tier 1s and non-automotive companies to provide excellent services and products.  Stratus has become a reliable Tier 2 supplier to much bigger corporations and many non-automotive companies.  

CAMSC helped Stratus secure work from its major Tier 1 companies.  The membership allowed Stratus to be visible to Tier 1s and has helped secured long term production tools at Stratus.  Without CAMSC, Stratus would not be matched up with some of its Tier 1s.  The benefits of being a CAMSC-certified supplier are strong business relationships and events that help with ongoing networking and support.

About Flex-N-Gate

Flex-N-Gate produces the highest quality products and systems for the automotive industry. With their extensive plastics, metals and mechanical assemblies’ experience, they persistently strive for continuous improvement and on-time delivery of defect-free products. Learn more about their Supplier Diversity Program.

About Stratus Plastics

Windsor-based Stratus Plastics International is dedicated to providing high quality injection molded products, providing timely deliveries and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvements where all employees strive to keep their internal and external customers satisfied. Learn more about their services and products.