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Success Stories: Merck & Ptah Design

A valuable initial meeting at the CAMSC Diversity Procurement Fair and a dose of polite persistence were instrumental in a successful relationship and contract award for Ptah Design with Merck Canada.

Ptah Design, pronounced “TAH”,is a Creative Agency, with over 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing products and custom apparel, as well as developing and producing video for web and broadcast solutions.   Ptah’s experienced team brings superior quality design and production expertise to globally recognized brands.  

In April 2010, Karen Beach, President of Ptah Design attended her first Diversity Procurement Fair.   She walked away with a good impression, not only of Merck but of CAMSC at large.  Over the next few months, impressed by what Karen saw, she prepared her company for certification to be able to make the most of the opportunities that were discussed.

As usual, Karen followed-up, sent emails, stayed in touch, networked at events and did everything she could to keep her company and its product visible. Her polite persistence and willingness to ‘work the network’ paid off.     In 2011, Merck added Ptah Design to its promotional merchandise preferred vendor list, and in early 2012, Ptah Design was invited, along with 2 other preferred vendors, to design customized packaging for one of Merck’s products, TEMODAL®, a medication for patients with brain tumors.  The product had a significant number of design specifications due to the sensitivities of patients with brain tumors.

Excited at the opportunity and moved by the end use, Karen set to the task of understanding the scope of the project and researching possible solutions.   Ptah Design needed to select a production method that could customize and deliver this product in a timely and efficient manner while meeting these specifications.   Karen and her team researched and created several design options for Merck’s review, while simultaneously sourcing global suppliers that could deliver the targeted design.

Ptah Design ultimately designed a pill case and bag that was functional for the patients’ sensitivities, and made it easier for the pharmacist and doctor to manage their medication, while still meeting Merck’s cost and delivery requirements.

For Ptah Design, this project was a joy to work on because of the complexities that had to be addressed and the team effort between Ptah Design and Merck that brought this project to fruition.    Ptah Design has secured multiple bid opportunities and several contracts through the CAMSC network, and Karen believes that “CAMSC certification and taking the time to engage the CAMSC network is invaluable in opening doors that are tough to access”.

For more information about Ptah Design, visit:   For more information about Merck’s commitment to supplier diversity, click here, or visit