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Supplier Certification – A Market Access Tool

Since its inception in 2004, CAMSC has worked with a multitude of diverse business owners to identify, certify, and connect them with government and corporate buyers,aiding economic empowerment through inclusion. As of 2018, CAMSC certified suppliers have done business worth over $5 billion.The figure is conservative since only 50% of our corporate members share their spend info.They conduct business with approximately 55% of our certified suppliers.If you are not in that base, why not? Perhaps the answer to that question lies in understanding the power of Certification. 

What is Certification?

CAMSC’s rigorous certification process ensures that every supplier in our network is a  recognized business and owned by an indigenous and/or ethnically diverse person.Getting certified is a multi-step process. Your company’s marketing profile, ownership characteristics,corporate structure and financial statements are assessed against CAMSC’s certification criteria.Once approved, your company details are added into CAMSC’s database as a Certified Supplier.

Note:The certification application review process typically takes between 25 to 60 business days, followed by a site visit where suppliers receive an orientation on CAMSC’s modus operandi, and how to best utilize the network. To learn more about the certification process, visit or email [email protected].

Why is this important?

As a certified supplier, the following resources are available to you:

  • Immediate connection with other certified suppliers.
    1. CAMSC has a network 400+ suppliers.
    2. opportunity to connect with others for B2B ventures, joint ventures, or to meet others in the industry.
  • Direct access to CAMSC’s corporate members:
    1. Over 75 registered Corporate members
    2. Details to access either Supplier Diversity professional or their designated procurement person
  • Biddingo membership
    1. In line with your CAMSC certification.
    2. Allows you to receive notifications from Biddingo on potential municipal and provincial government bid opportunities.
  • Wider Reach
    1. Part of CAMSC’s database improves visibility
    2. Corporates identify business opportunities with suppliers.

Am I using my CAMSC certification to its full advantage?

Your active participation will help you reap the benefits of your certification. Here are a few ways to ensure that:

  • Participating in Events
    • CAMSC holds various learning and networking events throughout the year, from webinars to roundtables.
    • One of our largest events, the Diversity Procurement Fair, has moved virtual and is scheduled for July 21 – 23rd. If you haven’t  signed up already, we would encourage you not to miss the opportunity.
    • The Supplier BootCamp provides development resources, the education sessions allows to you to hear the corporates’ views on changes in the industry and expectations.
    • On Day 3, do sign up for the Matchmaker session, as it allows you some one on one time with your selected Corporate member. What a great time for your pitch.
  • Review the list of CAMSC Corporate Members:
    • Research a prospective business lead.
    • Research the business plan.
    • Gain knowledge about how you fit in to their supply chain.
    • Make the move and introduce yourself.
  • Branding and Imaging:
    • Ensure your marketing profile/ corporate website reflects who you are as a company. Corporate members also do their own research before they respond to your request.
    • As your company profile is an extension of your organization, take the time to ensure your profile best reflects your company and its capabilities.

In summary, certification is not automatic, it requires your focused, deliberate and active participation. We know that when you utilize your certification as a market access tool, the results are tangible. When our corporate members and certified suppliers  reach out with procurement opportunities, we want it to be with you.