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Supplier Profile Series – Security Guard Group

In this series, you’ll hear from CAMSC Suppliers to understand their companies, challenges and how they achieved success through the certification process and networking opportunities generated. In the first Supplier Profile Series, we introduce you to Security Guard Group.

Image showing Security Guard Group logo with a yellow shield inside a yellow circle followed by the name of the company.

What’s your company’s name, your field of work, and how long have you been in business?

The name of our company is Security Guard Group Limited. We are in the field of providing security services, which include Security Guards, Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response and Security Systems. We established Security Guard Group Limited in 2018 at our first office in London, Ontario. Although we are a young company, we have over 40 years combined experience in the Private Security Industry within our management team.


When and why did you join CAMSC?

We were fortunate enough to join CAMSC back in 2020. Since then, it has been a decision we can look back and be confident that we made the right choice. We decided to join CAMSC because of its positive reputation; we were an up-and-coming business looking for professional development. We also knew, as a visible minority-owned company, that the possibility of joining larger supplier chains could potentially pose a difficult challenge.

CAMSC believes in championing business relationships and fostering economic growth of Aboriginal and minority suppliers, which aligns with our company ownership and long-term vision. Through CAMSC’s access to workshops, seminars, and other educational resources, we gained the professional development we sought. We also know the value CAMSC brings to the table regarding market access. Opportunities to participate in trade fairs, business matchmaking events, and be listed in their supplier databases, are well worth the membership many times.

Finally, we quickly learned the credibility of being CAMSC Certified; it has given us a competitive edge with corporations seeking to diversify their suppliers.


Recently, you secured a very profitable connection due to your CAMSC Supplier Certification. Can you tell us more about it?

Indeed, we recently secured one of our most significant contracts, facilitated by our CAMSC association. They invited us to attend an information session organized by CAMSC and hosted by Stellantis, the company responsible for building Canada’s largest Electric Vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing plant.

Our involvement with CAMSC gave us the invaluable opportunity to connect with Stellantis, leading to the successful acquisition of our first contract valued at over a million dollars. This contract not only led us to be the primary security supplier of a significant project but also opened new doors and avenues of networking for us. We cannot thank enough the hard work and effort of CAMSC’s team for always putting the interests of its members first and constantly working to create opportunities for meaningful connections and business growth.


What perimeters did you have to take to secure your recent success?

To secure our recent success with Stellantis, we undertook multiple measures. First, we conducted thorough research on Stellantis and the EV battery manufacturing sector to tailor our proposal effectively.

Utilizing the CAMSC platform, we engaged in targeted networking to position ourselves as a suitable candidate for the contract. We then attended the CAMSC-organized information session to gain insight into Stellantis’ requirements and expectations. We submitted a compelling proposal highlighting our capabilities and expertise based on the insights gained. We ensured that all our offerings strictly complied with industry standards and Stellantis’ specific requirements. Internal cross-departmental collaboration was key in addressing various aspects of the contract, from operational capabilities to financial structuring.

These steps collectively contributed to securing the contract and achieving this recent success.

Do you have any advice for CAMSC Certified Suppliers?

Indeed, for CAMSC Certified Suppliers, maximizing the benefits of your membership involves several vital practices. First, leverage the networking opportunities provided by CAMSC through its events, workshops, and seminars to make valuable business connections. Always come prepared for these events with an updated portfolio and a keen understanding of your capabilities. Research the needs and expectations of potential clients to tailor your proposals effectively. Maintain regular communication with CAMSC and actively participate in their initiatives to stay abreast of opportunities. Keep all qualifications and certifications up to date to enhance your credibility.

Collaboration with other certified suppliers can also be beneficial, especially when bidding on larger contracts. Make sure to utilize CAMSC’s resources, like their supplier database, to identify new business opportunities. Always adhere to the highest quality standards and comply with CAMSC and client-specific guidelines. Finally, after fulfilling any contract, seek feedback to facilitate continuous improvement in your service delivery. Following these practices can significantly improve your chances of securing new contracts.

We hope you enjoyed the first Supplier Profile Series featuring Security Guard Group.

Special thanks to:

Josh Hernandez, Business Development Manager, Security Guard Group.
For sharing his time and knowledge with us…




…and Nickole Sereres, CAMSC Supplier Engagement Specialist, who produced this interview and article in September 2023.