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Leonard Jean-Pierre Anthony is an experienced business executive who developed his entrepreneurial drive and passion for engaging people almost two decades ago.

Leonard launched two student-ventures while completing his Bachelor of Science degree.  His determination and drive led to a successful professional athletic career in the CFL.

As part of his transition from athletics to the business world, Leonard was offered an employment opportunity in Human Resources and Recruitment Services. His success in that industry fueled his entrepreneurial drive, inspiring him to launch in 2000. provides staffing and recruitment services to Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies. Starting as a small business, the company grew into an award-winning multi-national organization with offices across North America.

In 2005, became one of the first suppliers to be certified by the Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Councils (CAMSC).  Leonard saw this certification as an ideal fit; diversity has always been at the core of the philosophy, highlighted in its ownership, internal policies and service offerings. As well, CAMSC certification represents a strategic advantage that creates opportunities that would normally be unavailable.’s strategic decision to specialize in technology and finance professionals led them to pursue the Canadian banks; at the same time, the banks were doing work to develop their supplier diversity programs.  After connecting with BMO at several CAMSC events and direct meetings, was invited to bid on Enterprise Temporary Staffing Services. In 2008, the company was given the opportunity to provide staffing services to BMO as part of key contingent talent programs.

Their relationship has continued to flourish over the years, in no small part because of`s decision to expand internationally. After several years of engagement, BMO identified as an up and coming, high performing supplier in both the US and Canadian markets.  In 2012, was invited to continue servicing BMO both in Canada and the U.S. as a preferred supplier within the Contingent Talent Program. The company continues to provide services today.  

“Leonard and his team have continuously looked for ways to improve their performance and build deeper relationships to better support the Bank.  Furthermore, has done an excellent job building upon small wins and taking on additional responsibilities across North America in both the contingent and full time recruiting space.”  

Catherine Grosz, Supplier Diversity Manager, BMO Financial Group is continuing its strong growth path with BMO. They finished fiscal 2013 as the top supplier in servicing BMO’s Canadian temporary help requirements in the contingent talent program. As well, in the first quarter in Fiscal 2014, the company was identified as the top performing supplier in servicing BMO’s Canadian, Professional Services resourcing category.

Building on his success in leveraging opportunities through the CAMSC network over the past 10 years, Leonard has words of advice for prospective or new businesses exploring CAMSC. “You are never too small or too big to leverage CAMSC opportunities – listen to corporate feedback and look for creative ways to leverage your size or target Tier 2 opportunities. As well, be patient and treat corporate members like welcome guests.   It has taken years to be invited to bid with some CAMSC members given their previous contract commitments, but leverage those interim years to build trust.”

ABOUT is a CAMSC Supplier of the Year Award Winner, nominated by HP. Our resource management team excels at recruiting and screening personnel at multiple levels for specific functional/occupational/industrial categories. has closed the skills gap by constantly enhancing our end-client and applicant services. We constantly explore and implement quality innovations and technological solutions with a focus on diversity that goes beyond staffing a diverse workforce. It’s a critical part of our ongoing mission, to enable clients and candidates throughout the world to realize their full potential and produce Diverse Savings.

ABOUT BMO Financial Group
Established in 1817 as Bank of Montreal, BMO Financial Group is a highly diversified financial services organization based in North America. The bank offers a broad range of retail banking, wealth management and investment banking products and services to more than 12 million customers. BMO Financial Group had total assets of $589 billion and more than 46,000 employees at October 31, 2014.