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Update from Minister Ng

Canadian workers, farmers, and auto industry celebrated big news this month as BC fresh cherries are gaining market access in South Korea, and North American built electric vehicles are now eligible for the US EV tax credit, thanks to a Team Canada outreach effort south of the border. Minister Ng has been focused on supporting Canada’s businesses, creating opportunities for them to scale-up at home while growing their footprint abroad through international trade. The month of August was filled with exciting announcements and Minister Ng traveled throughout Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Cambodia strengthening trade, and collaborating with partners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.



Beyond supporting small businesses and creating opportunities for businesses to scale up and access global markets, our government is working to support Canadians through the pandemic and ensure a strong, sustainable, inclusive recovery.


  • Our government continues to denounce Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and work in stride with allies around the world to place further sanctions on Russia, holding them accountable for their egregious war. We continue to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russian aggression, send support to the troops on the ground in Ukraine, and ensure that Canada is set up to welcome those who have had to leave their homes.
  • We recognize the pandemic’s impact on seniors. Our government announced a Safe Long-Term Care Fund agreement with Alberta to make long-term care homes safer, hire additional staff, and invest in personal protective equipment.
  • Keeping Canadians safe is our government’s top priority. With gun violence on the rise, we imposed a ban on handgun importation, which compliments the national freeze on handgun ownership.
  • Canadian farmers are key partners in building a healthy environment and a more sustainable agriculture sector in Canada. That is why we announced an investment of up to $8,5 million under the On-Farm Climate Action Fund to help farmers across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador adopt sustainable farming practices.


For assistance at any time, please reach out to the team member below who represents your region. Based on the current email volume, if you reply to this email directly without copying the appropriate regional team member, my response may be significantly delayed.

  • Zach Nixon, Senior Special Assistant, Regional Affairs and Stakeholder Relations – [email protected]
  • Chelios Vuong, Policy Advisor and Regional Affairs (Ontario) – [email protected]
  • Camille Benoit-Blouin, Special Assistant, Regional Affairs (Quebec) – [email protected]
  • Iqbal Sultani – Special Assistant, Regional Affairs (West and North) [email protected]
  • Andrew Welsh, Special Assistant, Regional Affairs (Atlantic) and Policy – [email protected]