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Voith joins CAMSC as a Corporate Member

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The importance of Diversity

Voith Hydro is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydropower equipment and services. From small to large hydro, from upfront planning to ongoing service, Voith’s technology and expertise plays a vital role in today’s hydropower landscape.

At Voith, diversity is the variety of our employees and suppliers with differences in age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, educational and professional background as well as all other individual differences. We’ve seen how diversity, including individual differences such as religion, culture, beliefs, sexual orientation, disabilities, personal and social background as well as different experiences, talents and strengths, induce diversity of thought.

Supplier diversity offers us the ability to expand our robust supply chain, creates new significant relationships and aligns us with the needs of our customers. Supplier diversity also brings new and more efficient ways of working, it expands our labor pool as well as our ability to serve while providing access to local know-how. These advantages are critical to our success and allow us to better serve to our customers, which include large provincial utilities and their many (often remote) hydropower sites.

“We appreciate that diversity and promote equal opportunities because we are convinced that diverse teams boost innovation and help us to truly understand our customers’ needs.” Dr. Toralf Haag, President and CEO Voith Group.